About Us



Linné Innovation AB as a consultant company is offering a new service for international entrepreneurs, especially students in higher education level, who want to establish their own business in Sweden. Our goal is to help you through the whole process from coming up with your business idea, until making your business profitable. We support you to make a clear business plan out of your idea, help you through different application processes like registering your company, registering on Swedish tax agency, opening a bank account for your company and so on. We are aware that as a recently graduated person, you have a valuable idea or concept of starting your own business and we will help you with the rest so you don't need to be concerned of making any mistakes during the process.




Sample Business Cases:

Graphic Design

Start your career as computer graphic designer

Web Developer

More than 500 new website are built every minute!

App Developer

Highly in demand currently

Food Business

Good to be small, smart, special

Beauty & Healthcare

Rely on your professionality & reputation

Organic Farming

Organic agriculture products