Latest news from the Swedish Migration Board
  1. The application period for residence status is now coming to an end. British citizens have until 31 December 2021 to secure the right to stay in Sweden through this right of residence. "We recommend that anyone who has not submitted their application for residence status do so as soon as possible," says Jonas Colling, Brexit coordinator at the Swedish Migration Agency.
  2. The Swedish Migration Agency has adopted a new judicial position on Afghanistan, based on the Country Guidance of the European Asylum Support Office (EASO). In connection with this, previous decisions on enforcement and decision halts are being withdrawn.
  3. Let us stop labour exploitation. That is the main message of the information campaign that the Swedish Migration Agency, together with seven other government agencies, is launching today, 2 November.
  4. On 1 October, the Swedish Migration Agency is beginning a new social introduction for asylum seekers. – The Swedish Migration Agency is positive to now be able to offer information to asylum seekers, says Anna-Johanna Viking, Process Manager at the Swedish Migration Agency.
  5. British citizens and their family members will be given an additional three months to apply for residence status. The Swedish Government has decided to keep the application period open until the end of the year.
  6. Temporary residence permits will be the norm, more people must be able to support themselves, and the law on upper secondary level studies is becoming its own separate law. These are the main differences now that the changes to the Aliens Act are entering into force. – The changes to the law are extensive and affect virtually all our applicants in different ways, depending on the type of residence permit you have and the length of the permit, says Director-General Mikael Ribbenvik.
  7. The transition period that began when the withdrawal agreement came into force on 1 of February 2020 ended on 31 of December. This means that the rules for third-country nationals now apply to British citizens who want to move to Sweden.