After waiting for a long time, finally there are some productive changes in rules and regulations for foreigners who are looking to find a job or start their own business in Sweden. Effective 1st July 2022, the new regulations grants the eligible candidates a temporary visa for 3 to 9 month so they can enter the country and find a job or start their own company.


According to Swedish Immigration Agency you can ask and apply for self-employment permit if:

- You are currently running a business in your home country

- You are not currently running a business but you want to start a business in Sweden

- You are studying as an international student in Sweden

- You have applied for asylum and have received a temporary residence permit


General Requirements:

After making sure that you are capable of getting a visa for Sweden (in case that you need one), the next step is to apply for a residency permit as a self-employed person. You need to provide and submit the following documents to Swedish Migration Agency:

1- A valid passport

2- Show that you have significant experience in your field and previous experience of running your own business

If you meet the requirements, it is suggested to make a plan for your application first. The plan could be in form of a calendar divided into months and weeks where you schedule and mark different activities that you are supposed to do through the process. Keep in mind that the whole process may take up to one year since you submit your request until you get a result of the decision made on your case, depending on how accurate your documents are and the existing number of open cases in the migration agency.


Business Idea:

The very first step and starting point for your entrepreneurship journey, before taking any actions, is to identify and clarify your business idea. Feel free to utilize different tools to process your idea and what you are thinking to achieve; from a pen and paper to softwares and mobile apps. Depending on your education, work experience and skills or in case that you have an innovative concept or owning a patent, you can evaluate the resources and be more specific about what are your expectations of your future business.

In order to do any type of business in Sweden, you need to register a company. There are different types of company that you can register. The requirements for registration, taxation rules, board composition, changes, way of making decisions, expenses, responsibilities and some other parameters are different in different types of companies. The wisest choice about what type of company you should register can be made after you prepare your business plan. Here we shortly explain the major differences between the most common types of companies which you can register.

One quick way to get started with your own business is to buy an existing company. By purchasing a company, you already have a trademark, some customers, and hopefully sales from the very first day. Even if you buy an existing company, you need to be as much enthusiastic and well prepared as if you started a business from scratch. As this may seem like a shortcut to establish your own business, at the same time buying a business is a delicate job and includes its own risks as its benefits. 

When you register your own company or buy a business in Sweden, you should apply for registering your business activities in Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket in Swedish). There are different principles in paying tax for different activities as well as different tax amount depending on what type of product or service you are offering. 

Specific deadlines are also very important for you as a business owner in Sweden where you need to declare your payed or received amount of tax money and the most important thing to do an annual book keeping and annual income declaration. Deadlines are different for private persons and for different types of registered companies

Overall, taking care of financial aspect of your business in Sweden especially dealing with taxation rules are somehow complicated and at the same time very serious. We highly recommend you to hire a certified part time accountant and/or auditor to avoid possible fines due to declaration mistakes. 


Note: If you are going to use our services, we will provide you by sufficient help in registration process plus one year support in managing your accounting.


As an entrepreneur, you are free to start and develop your own business in Sweden by following the rules and regulations. However, in order to run a business in some specific fields you may need to provide special Permit(s) from related authorities.  


Note: Always check for the latest changes in original resources before making any assumptions about requiring a permit to run your own business in Sweden or not. We try to keep this page up to date but rules may change and our content may be outdated.


Here is a short list of activities which you need to provide a permit before you engage in:


All you need to know about Swedish Personal Identification Number (personnummer):

Everyone who is registered in Sweden, receives a Personal Identification Number (also known as Social Security Number). You will receive your personal number from the Tax Agency. A coordination number (Samordningsnummer) is an identification number for people who are not or have not been registered in Sweden and will stay shorter than one year. If you are a citizen from a non-EU or a non-EEA country, or if you are stateless, and intend to live in Sweden for one year or more, you are generally required to be registered in the Swedish Population Register.

Once you have received a social security number, you keep the same number for lifetime. This means that the personal number is not changed if you move abroad, for example.  


Note: You can in some cases get a social security number even if you are not registered in the public register. This applies if you have diplomatic immunity and are staying in Sweden for at least one year, for example if you are employed at a foreign embassy or certain international organisations. In these cases, personal numbers are assigned at the request of the Government Offices.



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