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We help you with developing your initial idea. Regarding your education, work experience and skills, we discuss the existing and future opportunities for you to start a business in Sweden. Within a multidisciplinary team of creative minds, you will be surprised to see how fantastic the small changes could be!
By joining us, you will use multiple tools and methods to improve the raw concept and make it more innovative, feasible and profitable as well as compatible to the Swedish and global market.



Having a bright idea and a solid concept is just the first step towards establishing your own business. We back up your idea with detailed documentation including Business Plan, Feasibility Studies, Market Research and more. These documents are your road map and are highly essential in order to take the right action at the right moment. Not only they show you what to do, but also they prevent you from doing mistakes. At the same time they are required by different organisations for registering or identifying your business.



Since the registration processes in different organisations are online, at the first glance it seems to be an easy task. But actually it is a delicate and critical process and you need to be honest, precise and capable of fulfilling the required information. This will become even more complicated if as an international entrepreneur your Swedish language is not very developed yet. We provide you an accurate consulting service by explaining the details of every single step and accompanying you all the time.  


Value Pack

As a member of entrepreneurship community, we know and appreciate the value of time. That is why we are offering you a Value Pack solution where you can have enough time to focus on what you need to do by outsourcing the desk work. Let us provide you the required support within your exciting journey with our best offer which includes the Ideation, Documentation, Registration, plus 3 months of consulting, accounting services, website development, and many other promotional options. 

Ideation workshop at Linné Innovation office
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If you already have a company in Kronoberg region of Sweden


Hire us free of charge through Konsulttimmen!

Do you need help in developing an idea? Are you looking for more innovation at your existing business? Through Konsulttimmen you can hire a consultant - completely free of charge up to six hours. You can choose from 35 consultants in various areas of expertise - including Linné Innovation AB who can help you with different aspects of your business as well as product and service development.

Konsulttimmen is for you who are an entrepreneur only in Kronoberg County with less than 50 employees. It is run and financed by the Kronoberg Region and the European Regional Development Fund.

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